Build A Hyper-Profitable Coaching Business By Creating Deep Connections and Lasting Impact With Your Prospects and Clients
In this brand new special training, Terri Levine reveals:
  • How to take your business and create more impact, influence, and income using my turnkey process that has supported thousands of business owners just like you.
  •  How to connect with more clients, impact more lives, influence more people and create a higher income.
  • How to host your very own "Breakthrough Sessions" that turn skeptical prospects into raving fans and high-ticket clients.
If you want to finally take your coaching business to the next level and peek behind the scenes at Terri's proprietary model and revolutionary approach to coaching...
 Then this is the most important training you'll attend all year!
During This Webinar, We're Going to 
peek behind the curtain. You'll Learn. . .
Why it's NOT your fault you're not achieving the results you want and what to do about it!
Seriously, it's NOT your fault if you're still not experiencing the success that you want in your coaching business. While other people teach things that take hours of your time or thousands of dollars worth of ad spend, I want to set the record straight. . .

These things are never going to work, and your business will never work FOR you until you learn the lost art of listening and how to create deep connections with your prospects. 

This theory has been tested and implemented by myself as well as over the 6,000 independent business coaches.
What pros know and understand about creating Unique Proprietary Services and lead generation.
The coaches you see- living the dream life you want, aren't any different than you. The only difference is they understand a few key insights.

In this training, I'm going to break down exactly what these differences are and how you can start getting explosive results in your coaching business. 

With this new understanding, you'll quickly separate yourself from your competition and learn how to attract more prospects, build trust and connection, and create MASSIVE transformation in the lives of your clients.
Exactly how you can create a 6 figure coaching business in the next 6 months or less.
Now THIS is where the magic is. Anyone can learn what they're doing wrong, but it takes specific skills to use their newfound knowledge effectively for the best results.

In this training, I'm going to show you how to borrow from my decades of experience and to create your very own 6 figure coaching business, leveraging my very own stories and my client case studies. 

Besides showing you my exact system, you'll leave with a clear direction of what to do and how to finally unlock the results you've been dreaming of in your coaching business!
Meet Your Host and Coaching Business Expert
Terri Levine
Terri is a business and executive coaching expert and the founder of Heart-repreneur®. With over 40 years of experience, she's helped more than 6,000 business owners grow their sales, revenue, and marketing. 

She's also written dozens of best-selling books, has her own radio and TV show, and is a dynamic keynote speaker.

Afer launching several successful businesses of her own, she loves helping other business owners succeed. 

She created Heart-repreneur® to teach business owners how to do business authentically from the heart and create massive transformation in their lives and in the lives of their clients

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